About us

Our history

Founders Ryan and Adam have grown up in the collectable scene, back to the inception of the Pokémon Trading Card Game in 1998. Fast forward 22 years of collecting later, they both have the experience, knowledge, and passion for completion that can help you complete your collection. Together, they have formed Kādo Collectables.

Who we are

Ryan has previously run a separate YouTube channel, Braysh Gaming, specialising in opening the latest Japanese booster boxes and sets. Having travelled to Japan numerous times, he has also managed to obtain the rare Masked Royal in a PSA 10, a card limited to just 100 copies.

Adam has chased popular sets during his collecting life. From Japanese Gold Stars to the Base Set 1st Edition set. His understanding of the Japanese market and a keen eye for a deal has allowed him to pick up the most coveted Japanese Gold Stars - Umbreon and Espeon. 

Our mission

With this in mind, we wanted to provide Europe with a hub for collecting new and rare Japanese Pokémon TCG. Based in the UK, we will be the quickest place to buy the latest Japanese releases, without long shipping times or confusing customs fees. 

It’s not just the latest products that we will provide. We have a wide selection of some of the rarest cards in the game - again, the only place to provide a service with such revered cards, outside of Japan.

We will help you #KadoTogether and complete your collection - whether it's finishing your early "old back" sets, or chasing the latest promos, we have the knowledge and ability to help.

Connect with Kādo


We pride ourselves on helping you complete your collection. If there’s anything not listed on our website, or something you would like us to look into picking up for you, then please get in contact with us via email at info@kadocollectables.com