Graded cards

Kādo Collectables offers a wide range of PSA graded Pokémon TCG cards. This collection is the most exclusive outside of Japan, and contains everything from rare cards that are one in 100, to some of the latest and greatest cards around. 

Based in the US, PSA, otherwise known as Professional Sports Authenticator, is a trading card authentication service that grades cards based on a number of factors. 

After taking into consideration the authenticity, condition, and centring of a Pokémon card, the graders at PSA will then issue that card with a grade between 1-10, with 10 (GEM Mint) being the highest. The card is then encapsulated in it’s own tamper-evident case. A label within the case displays the card's pertinent information and unique certification number.

Having a PSA graded card is the best way to protect your prized asset, whilst also maximising the security, value and liquidity of your Pokémon trading cards.

Read more about the PSA process for grading trading cards.

Our PSA collection is ever expanding. Please be sure to regularly check back to see our latest offerings, or key an eye on the Kādo Collectables social media channels.