Single cards

Kādo Collectables wants to help you complete your collection of Pokémon TCG cards, whatever era that means. Whether you’re trying to finish a 20-year old set, or just after a slice of nostalgia, choose from hundreds of single Pokémon cards from the latest Pokémon   trading card game expansion sets. This includes everything from the Japanese Base Set, right up to the present day’s hugely popular S3a Legendary Heartbeat!

It comes as no surprise that the popularity of the Pokémon TCG is still booming. With so many sets on offer, it’s not too late to start your own collection and become the Pokémon trainer you were born to be. 

If any card you seek is not currently listed in our selection, then please get in contact at We will do our best to check our unlisted inventory, or check our many ways obtaining a card just for you.