Pokémon BGS Card: 1998 Pokémon Japanese Tamamushi Magikarp University Trophy BGS 9 Mint 0013819290

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In Japan, this card was first available as an Unnumbered Promotional card and was awarded to people enrolled in the Shogakukan Celadon University campaign that became certified Hyper Pokémon Professors after completing the Hyper Professor Test.

To become enrolled as a Celadon University student, people were required to complete an Entrance Test published in the May 1998 issues of six magazines: Elementary School 1st Grade, Elementary School 2nd Grade, Elementary School 3rd Grade, Elementary School 4th Grade, Elementary School 5th Grade, and Elementary School 6th Grade. Entrants could write their answers to the test on a postcard and mail it to the relevant Shogakukan department for grading.

Three more tests were published in subsequent issues of the six magazines, each more difficult than the last, and each one offering different prizes. The Professor Test was featured in each of the August 1998 issues, a Super Professor Test was featured in each October 1998 issue, and a Hyper Professor Test was featured in each December 1998 issue.

Students were required to mail their answers to Shogakukan on postcards for each test they participated in, and in return, would receive documentation with their grade and overall rank for that test once all entries had been assessed. The top 1,000 students across all six publications for each test became a certified Pokémon Professor.

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